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Top 10 Smart Labs Consulting/Services Companies - 2020


Data is driving trends across various industries worldwide, and life sciences sector is no exception. Indeed, data has always been at the core of it. As advancements around the technologies like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality is shaping up different industries, life sciences realm have also started to explore their advantages. Also, the adoption of these advanced technologies into laboratories has marked a technological disruption simulating a new wave of innovation in life sciences industry.

Digitalization of labs or implementation of smart labs, has become a necessity for life sciences companies today. The advanced insights procured from the data of connected devices have become a crucial factor in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of lab operations and optimizing the utilization of equipment. Besides resource optimization and maintenance, the generated data can be utilized to analyze and develop new products and features that could further increase the efficiency of equipment and future products. Digitizing the laboratory workflow also helps in efficient streamlining, controlling costs, and delivering precise real-time information.

Today, smart labs are substantially improving the value of the common lab metrics such as quality, security, efficiency, and profitability. Advanced technologies are being leveraged to make laboratories smarter. For instance, IoT digital twin capabilities, coupled with AR, can effectively help in monitoring the laboratory equipment to identify critical areas that require maintenance. Similarly, AI and cloud technologies can be used to provide real-time and accurate lab status information to researchers and lab technicians. It’s not just advanced systems and cutting-edge technologies that are being introduced but also a cultural change on how laboratories and lab professionals access, monitor, and manage the operations.

At this juncture, there is a variety of smart labs consulting/service companies in the market that caters to the different needs of the laboratories and life sciences companies. To help them choose the service or consulting that best fits their requirement, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled the list of the top 10 smart labs consulting/service companies. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Smart Labs Consulting/ Service Companies – 2020.”

    Smart Labs Consulting/Services Companies

  • LabConnect is a leading provider of central laboratory support services for logistically and analytically complex studies. Through its integrated and customizable services that cover all the aspects of clinical development needs, LabConnect simplifies the complex clinical trial requirements. The uniqueness of LabConnect stems from its SampleGISTICS™ tool—a real-time sample tracking system that provides logistical transparency for every individual sample from the moment of its collection. Besides, the company’s global network of 35 labs conducts the broadest range of testing and provides standardized, harmonized, and normalized data to the pharma and biotech companies. LabConnect also offers client biostorage, customized collection kits, and innovative data management support, including specialty lab data integration and local laboratory normalization services

  • IHMA


    IHMA provides a full suite of technical capabilities and domain expertise in all phases of antimicrobial drug development: drug discovery, clinical development, regulatory approval and commercialization. IHMA is a premier provider of antimicrobial drug development studies. With laboratories in both the US and Europe, we partner with clients around the world in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries. We are a leading, independent laboratory specializing in surveillance studies and clinical trials, key milestones along the continuum from drug development to commercialization. We utilize state of the art technology, leading to first-class testing and data as well as sound economic frameworks. Our services can be customized to best align with our clients’ unique testing needs. This ensures successful drug development, commercialization, and post-marketing pathways

  • Accumen


    ACCUMEN delivers results for hospitals and health systems in clinical laboratory operations, outreach, and patient blood management and transfusion safety. Using a proven blueprint, innovative customized approach, and proprietary technology, Accumen partners with hospitals and health systems on strategies to transform clinical laboratories and patient blood management programs from good to great in a fraction of the time most institutions would take to do it on their own. Accumen delivers results through cost containment, revenue growth, and sets benchmarks to drive better service & quality while delivering unprecedented value in better patient care

  • Automation & Validation Solutions

    Automation & Validation Solutions

    Automation & Validation Solutions, Inc. (AVS) provides innovative engineering and validation solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device related industries throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe and Asia. AVS provides automation engineering and computer system validation, including Part 11, equipment validation, cleaning validation, sterilization validation, process validation at very competitive prices

  • Biomated Solutions

    Biomated Solutions

    They offer a complete portfolio of engineering services and products to support our client's research in the life science space. Their primary expertise is in systems integration and design of laboratory automation systems. Through years of experience and a wide customer base, we can design and support systems from bench-top liquid handlers to high throughput workcells. In addition, they offer a range of product development services including device design, production assembly, and development of QA/QC test systems. Having all the required resources in-house to go from concept to production allows us to be a single-source vendor for product development

  • Cerneos Group

    Cerneos Group

    Cerneos Group is a consortium of experts in the Life Science industry that provides a full complement of facilities and product development services to assist startup to mature biotech, biopharma and pharmaceutical companies. Cerneos Group also provides regulatory, product development and clinical evaluation capabilities. Their staff and strategic partnerships bring years of design and development experience, cGMP and global compliance knowledge and industry insights to provide state-of-the-art facilities and new product development capabilities for their clients. Together, they are a seamless, consolidated team dedicated to the success of clients

  • Covex


    Covex is a premier global provider of validation and compliance services for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Chemical industries. Covex Systems Validation, Regulatory Compliance, Engineering and IT Services offer an end-to-end solution for our clients. Our depth of experience and breadth of project leadership spans the globe and all disciplines within the Life Sciences industries

  • LabPath Consulting

    LabPath Consulting

    LabPath is a full service clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory consultancy, comprised of seasoned lab experts and business associates, focused on delivering cost-savings and optimized laboratory operations for its clients. At LabPath, we believe in translating our knowledge and experience in all facets of laboratory services into actionable strategies to produce measurable results.By offering these services, we have helped our laboratory and pathology clients build strong and successful businesses in today's highly competitive and challenging regulatory environment. Our in-depth experience of working with reference, physician-owned, independent, academic, hospital-based, molecular, pathology, and other specialty laboratories has given us valuable insights into the clinical laboratory business. As such, we are able to provide customized and state-of-the-art management and developmental solutions to our clients. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes LabPath the ideal choice for all your laboratory operations, information, and management needs

  • Millennium Health

    Millennium Health

    Millennium Health is an accredited specialty laboratory with over a decade of experience delivering timely, accurate, clinically-actionable information through our nationwide medication monitoring and drug testing services. Drug testing is used by substance use disorder and pain management providers to obtain objective information about patients’ recent use of prescription medications and/or illicit drugs and helps monitor the effectiveness of treatment plans. Our evidence-based, guideline-driven genetic testing services, including pharmacogenetic testing, help clinicians make more informed medication choices for their patients. Processing hundreds of thousands of patient specimens each year allows us to provide meaningful insights into emerging drug use trends

  • PierianDx


    PierianDx is catalyzing global adoption of genomic sequencing in healthcare by empowering physicians in the laboratory and clinic to more effectively diagnose and treat patients with cancer and other complex diseases. PierianDx’s industry-leading genomic SaaS solutions, CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory, and shared knowledgebase are used by health systems, cancer centers and commercial laboratories worldwide driving the most integrated approach across the clinical care spectrum. From genomic sequencing and biomedical informatics in the laboratory to reporting and decision support at the patient’s bedside, PierianDx has rapidly become the trusted source of ‘wisdom’ in every advanced genomic report